Roleplay *CLOSED*

NINA- Nina sighed as she whipped down the table. She couldn’t believe she was here working in a club she was going to be a dancer, a ballerina for god sakes but simply because she was a little top heavy no one would hire her even after going to the best dance school in the country. Finishing up cleaning the tables off Nina made her way to the bar to set it up for the night.

TOM- “Excuse me, darling. You aren’t closing up for the night already are you?” Tom had finally gotten off set only to find that this town seemed to shut down at midnight. “I don’t mean to be a bother, but I could really use a drink tonight.”

NINA-Nine rolled her neck cracking it it had been a long night and now some guy comes in right before last call and wants a drink. Well better be nice she looked up and was struck dumb but the beautiful blue eyes that she met “i…um…” Taking a breath she shook her head clearing it then showed the man a smile that for once was real ” Sure thing sweetheart its after last call but since you were so polite i think i can give you a break. So what would you like Mr…..?”